Discover the Power of Divi Gallery Extended’s Double Masonry Gallery Modules

It’s now easier to create Divi masonry galleries with Divi Gallery Extended. Its two different masonry gallery modules enable you to add images to the gallery one by one with its intuitive controls. Or if you’re in a hurry, then you could do that by simply assigning images a category and then in the Dynamic Masonry Gallery module, select the particular category and pictures associated with that category will fall under masonry formation.
Divi Masonry Gallery

Masonry Gallery Module

This module will let you create a masonry gallery from the selected image. In this case, you add the module to a page and upload the desired images to the gallery.

Dynamic Masonry Gallery Module

This module enables you to show images in a divi masonry grid based on the images category. In this case, images saved to the media library need to have categories assigned to them and the module will add the associated images to the site.